People Like U$ Media was started in July 2011 in Philadelphia by Chad Fain, but the company has roots that trace back four years earlier. The name “People Like U$” was originally created in 2007 by Chad’s late cousin, Michael Perkins, who named the company such because the team would create music and film products for “people like us.” Together, the cousins planned to make a distinctive brand that also resonated as a lifestyle that people can identify with.

The rest is history. With Fain as CEO and President, People Like U$ has successfully launched AL 1Thing as its flagship artist, established Dana Black as the next street rap star, released “Get To Know Me: The Mixtape,” filmed “Get To know Me: The Movie,” created the First/Last Cypher series and released a People Like U$ compilation album featuring many of Philly’s top emcees; all in less than 9 months. With an unparalleled combination of knowledge, drive, and talent, People Like U$ is poised for a breakout year in 2012 that will take the entertainment industry by storm.




Born Robert Alexander Ward, Al 1Thing is a Philadelphia-based rapper, singer and songwriter who is described as the future of Philadelphia’s musical landscape. A Southwest Philly native, Al was raised with street smarts and the ambition to hustle for what he wants.

Al’s musical influences include a plethora of genres and styles. He cites his favorite artists as John Mayer, Pusha T, Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5 and Jay Z, among others. Al has taken these influences and combined them into a new genre of music that his manager, Chad Fain, calls “Street-Pop.” Fain describes Street-Pop as pop melodies and R&B hooks paired with street- based lyrical experiences. This distinct combination, along with Al’s hip-hop swagger and charming personality, separates this up and coming Philadelphia artist from the rest.





When listening to the street stories expressed in Dana Black’s music, “real” is the word that immediately comes to mind. The 24-year-old Philly emcee and producer takes a no nonsense approach to crafting his lyrics that sends shockwaves through his audience and leaves a lasting impression. Growing up in Southwest Philadelphia hardened Black at a young age and taught him that only lions survive in the concrete kingdom. These are the real life experiences that the artist is able to draw inspiration from for his music, separating this lion from the pack.

Influenced by the Chuck-D and Rakim era where lyricism was everything, Black makes sure every word is meaningful and every line is memorable. His goal is to bring street rap back to the forefront in a time where everything is pop influenced with dance beats. This is the approach that made DMX and 50 Cent superstars, and Dana Black is destined for that same fate.