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  • AL Lindstrom Interviews Wiz Khalifa (Video)

    AL Lindstrom Interviews Wiz Khalifa (Video)

    This week the homie Emilio Sparks hops in the Escalade with Wiz Khalifa for a quick convo. The two discuss Wiz creating his own strain of weed, how boring rap is getting, and more. For more great videos, log on to Allindstrom.com today! Shot and Edited by Justin Fleischer @jflei for CAN.DID Media @candotdid

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  • Tempations: A @_CDiddy Synopsis (BLOG)

    Tempations: A @_CDiddy Synopsis (BLOG)

    So the other nite I had the displeasure of seeing Tyler Perry’s last theatrical creation “For Colored Girls That’s Not Raised By Madea and Don’t Have a Dad Because They Mom Be Lying That Prays” aka Temptation. I feel the serious need to give ya a breakdown of this movie so that y’all have an extra $11 plus snack money in ya pocket this weekend. So here it goes!

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  • #AmberRoseSpeech by @_CDiddy (Blog)

    #AmberRoseSpeech by @_CDiddy (Blog)

    The Amber Rose Speech Black women can be so crazy and fanatical at times that they block out all things that don’t go directly in their favor and only accept those that do. In the case of famous, wealthy or affluent men a lot of black women subscribe to the “Amber Rose Theory” of dating. Meaning they look at a man’s girlfriend as a means for comparison to let herself know if/if not she can attain that man. Given that [...]

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  • New VLOG: @AL_1Thing “Too Damn Hot” BTS

    New VLOG: @AL_1Thing “Too Damn Hot” BTS

    Iammilanrouge.com captures the making of People Like U$ artist AL 1Thing’s street banger “Too Damn Hot” in the city of Philly. She speaks to the artist, CEO and director and gets some great footage. check out iammilanrouge.com and peoplelikeusmedia.com

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  • Did @Nas use ghostwriters on Untitled? (Blog via @Nahright)

    Did @Nas use ghostwriters on Untitled? (Blog via @Nahright)

    So word on these internets is that Gnozir employed stic.man of dead prez and Jay Electronica to ghostwrite portions of the Untitled LP. If you’ve been in or around the New York Rap industry for any signifigant amount of time, there’s a good chance you may have heard some variation of this rumor before. This specific revelation came about on Twitter after author and journalist dream hampton tweeted the following reply to a follower’s question about Jay-Z: I think Jay [...]

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  • New Blog Alert: BreadorDead.com via @_breadwinners @philthyphilly6 @scrapeasy @reek_havocupt

    New Blog Alert: BreadorDead.com via @_breadwinners @philthyphilly6 @scrapeasy @reek_havocupt

    The Breadwinners team have officially dropped their new website that will feature all their exclusive content, music, videos, Vlogs and events.

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  • Frank Ocean “Opens Up” About Bisexuality on ‘Channel Orange’ Album via @KarenCivil

    Frank Ocean “Opens Up” About Bisexuality on ‘Channel Orange’ Album via @KarenCivil

    The R&B crooner and amazing song writer known as Frank Ocean is set to release his latest album and embark on his multi-city tour, both tentatively titled ‘Channel Orange‘, but before the album drops we prepare our eyes and ears for the many pre-release reviews.

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  • #Update DRAKE vs. CB (Eye Witness Accounts, Photos and Video)

    #Update DRAKE vs. CB (Eye Witness Accounts, Photos and Video)

    This story has been developing all day and we have some even newer information to share on the CB, Drake, Meek brawl that took place last night in WIP in New York City. Eye Witness Accounts from We Mobbin DVD

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  • Drake Puts The Beats To Chris Brown (Blog & Photos) #Updated

    Drake Puts The Beats To Chris Brown (Blog & Photos) #Updated

    Shit got extremely real last nite in NYC when Chris Brown and Drake crossed paths at a party on an off nite of the Club Paradise Tour. The venue was none other than NYC’s most poppin establishment Greenhouse. Chris Brown proceeded to tweet a whole bunch of gangsta shit taunting who was revealed to be Drake that he would later delete from his timeline.

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  • Dissecting The Wayne Un-bias

    Dissecting The Wayne Un-bias

    “Soon as I sell too much watch them turn on him” – Jay-Z I know where it began, but am not quite sure where it will stop. Either way, the Lil Wayne hatred that exists throughout the NE region is at an all time high. Ever since the Carter III dropped in June 2008 Wayne has been more maligned and scrutinized than any other artist in the modern era. Since then it has become ever popular to say “Wayne hasn’t [...]

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