New Video: @iamyoungjoc Responds To @Gucci1017

On Gucci’s ”Fuck The World“, Yung Joc was thrown in Gucci’s recent disses. Although, Joc brushed off the shots on V103, it was a different story on Twitter.

@gucci1017 look my nigga you know me and you know i aint never been on no fuck shit. Fuck all this publicity shit hit my phone!!! im Atlanta all day!!! you doing a lot my nigga… How and why is you starting shit with niggas that fuck with you? We in the same backyard and you taking shots at me! Don’t know where you going with this.. You know how to reach me #TrapGod lol.. I just saw you at Esso and shit was calm as fuck #TrapGod.. My birth certificate say Georgia Baptist.. @MyCityinreallife



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